Since November 1, 2015 the program scheme of Travel HD has been changed to a 24 hour TV channel for promotion of Bulgaria’s rich tourism opportunities, natural and cultural sights and stunning beauty. The TV channel will broadcast short films featuring differеnet sites and events, holidays and customs, traditions and dishes, crafts and museums, artists and inspirational landscapes and experiences.  The whole program is with appropriate music background without voice over. There is no commercial on the TV channel and the titles are in Bulgarian and English. This way all content is easily achieved by broad audience and awareness about huge tourism potential of Bulgaria.

The good experienced crew of the media group has created lots of high quality audio visual products, over 250 documentary movies, hundred commercials presenting Bulgaria and its regions. Recently the crew finished the national video catalogue, documentary series This is Bulgaria, which is one of the most popular products promoting the country abroad. The ambition goal of the team is by the end of 2016 Travel HD to be distributed in Germany, Spain, USA, and etc. where there are Bulgarian communities and long-term traditions in the field of tourism.

Travel HD is the first Bulgarian fullHD TV channel, created in 2009 and distributed in the cable network as well as online.

За автора - Пресиана Бонева

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