Established in 2009 as a television travel guide, today the channel is the first Bulgarian interactive TV for enjoyment and relaxation. The program consists videos and impressions, created with taste and refinement and dedicated to Bulgaria. The length is from 1 to 5 minutes, with diverse musical background of selected Bulgarian and international artists.

Mixing the impressions in the Travel HD program schedule will allow viewers to enjoy disparate and diverse audiovisual trips that will complete the idea of what is surrounding us. Travel HD is not just television, it is a delight and inspiration for travelling. Each impression is in Bulgarian and English for submission sites.

24 hours a day we will show you the most beautiful, valuable and important places that we found in Bulgaria. Nature and sea, villages and towns, monuments and cultural sites, churches and fortresses, squares, people, wild places and unknown sights, impressive landscapes and panoramas taken by land, air and water in four seasons with professional equipment and attitude.

Next year the ambition of the team is to produce about 300 new impressions in different seasons as well as special series about the famous Bulgarians.

The visual concept and musical background aim to create relaxing  experience full with positive energy.

За автора - Пресиана Бонева

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